Will you be buying the Nintendo Switch?

Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch General Discussion' started by Drew, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. At this point of time, do you think you'll be buying the Nintendo Switch? Why or why not?
  2. I was just about to say something like "Yes, I am considering waiting in line and buying one opening day". Then I read the post and realized it's not asking if I will buy one right away, but at all. Yes, I do expect to be getting one. I have all the other Nintendo consoles, why stop now. Will it be opening day? Not sure. Will it be within the first year, very likely.
  3. As much as it looks great I doubt I will be buying it to be honest. I've always been an one console person, I will only use one console, I don't like to have to switch between two all the time. I have a PS4 and I'm very happy with it and I feel like some of the games being offered on the PS4 is unlikely to be offered for the new Nintendo Switch. Plus all my friends are likely to stick with the PS4 and not get a Switch so that's also another factor
  4. just got mine , wish the e shop had more on offer including demo's ( mainly for the top price games , as you can then see if its worth buying ) hope older nintendo games finally come , neo geo games are cool ( metal slug ) but there is a lack of older mario and sonic games , but think by christmas that will change.

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