Which Nintendo Switch launch console are you getting?

Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch General Discussion' started by Nintendo X, Jan 18, 2017.

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Which Nintendo Switch SKU will you be getting at launch?

Poll closed Apr 18, 2017.
  1. Nintendo Switch Regular SKU

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  2. Nintendo Switch Colored SKU

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  3. Doesn't matter

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  1. So, Nintendo is releasing two different Switch SKUs at launch, both have the same MSRP (Price). One launch console is the regular black/matte finish with the Joy Cons being grey, while the other one is going to have the same black/matte finish on the console, while the Joy Cons are Blue/Red...

  2. I'm getting the neon colored one. I had to buy a preorder on eBay though, because I missed out on the all the pre orders. I also preordered a pro controller, Zelda, Mario Kart, and all of the Breath of the Wild Amiibos. Even though I'm not sure what benefit the Amiibos will have.
  3. If you haven't bought Wii U at all, then I'll tell you: If you buy a game with amiibo capability, you get DLC-like bonuses. Here, here's an example of buying a Twilight Princess HD/BotW amiibo, and buying the Wii U version...

    Here's another example...

  4. That will be great!
  5. I was lucky to get the last Neon one XD XD XD
    IMG_20170303_170659 (1).jpg

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