So, what are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch?

Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch General Discussion' started by Drew, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. First impressions? Thoughts? Like it? Dislike it? Share below!
  2. It looks awesome although one thing that bugged me was the controllers. They look really small and after getting used to the Xbox and PS4 controllers, I like it's going to be difficult to use and get used to this controller (my opinion anyway). I really like how it is portable and can be taken anywhere. I think the biggest factor for me for whether I like it or not will be the list of games. If games like RDR or FIFA can be played on it then of course I will love it but if it is just the general Nintendo type games then I doubt I will like it
  3. The launch titles and the lack of download games at launch is holding me from buying the Switch on day 1. However I really like the Switch.

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  4. I absolutely love it tho won't take it out of the house till I have protected it
  5. It's great you can play Zelda on the go. Sure, there are not many launch games but what would you prefer, being tempted into buying lots of mediocre games with no longevity or just buying one or two cracking games. Zelda is amazing and you can play it on the go, Mario kart and Mario is coming soon. I'm a Nintendo fan boy so I'm biased I guess as I love their IPs but it's a good console with a great screen I don't have any complaints.

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  6. I'm really liking it so far. Really nice when I want to play something and so does my wife. No more fighting over the tv to play games. One of us plays the PS4 and the other the Switch.

    Surprisingly I'm really like Skylanders. Kind of nice to sit back and relax and not have to try really hard.

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  7. I got it on day one. Didn't even preorder it. Just walked into my friendly electronic store that morning and lo and behold it was there with BOTW. So I got them. I like it, game and system. I haven't used it in portable mode yet. But system is just different. But in a good way. I also picked up 1,2 Switch. Just got around to playing it. I have to say. As goofy as the game looks. I had fun!

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  8. I’m really liking it so far! I’m not a huge gamer and usually I tend to buy systems play for a little bit then it become a dust catcher. I primarily got it for the Zelda game and haven’t been disappointed. I bought Mariokart and happy with both game at this point. The one knock I would say against the console is lack of game choices. Its been at for a little bit and would expect it to have some more games.

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