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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by LuigiWV23, Sep 16, 2017.

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  1. Lifelong Nintendo fan here. I've had my Switch since launch day. I would say that it is one of the best consoles ever made. Feel free to message anytime.

    My current games are:
    - ARMS
    - The Binding of Isaac
    - Cave Story
    - Disgaea 5
    - The Legend of Zelda
    - Lego City Undercover
    - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    - Mario + Rabbids
    - Rayman Legends
    - Splatoon 2

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  2. Welcome to SwitchForum! :)
  3. Thank you. Are the forums always this quiet?

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  4. At the moment, yes. But I'm working on a fix in 2018. News are slow for Nintendo Switch.
  5. I disagree. There has been plenty of news regarding the Switch recently. There have been numerous game announcements and releases. It's on track to have the GOTY (Zelda or Mario). We just need to figure out a way to get people to engage in the forums rather than just lurk.

    Maybe you could organize a tournament or game night for one of the online multiplayer games. If we can get people playing together online they will be more likely to discuss other topics in the forums.

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  6. I'm not really worried. I have other websites and projects in my network. I will have a new plan up my sleeve next year. I will be ready, and move swiftly.

    Most of the new "news" you've seen are mostly underwhelming, to the point of having no incentive to post home about it. For example, Nintendo Direct on 9/13 was supposed to announce new games, but instead they spent the whole fucking Direct with nothing but... Nothing but... release dates, and new features for games that have already been announced. Then, the Nintendo World Championships... Everyone expected new announcements there, too. But, noo, Nintendo also fumbled there, too. Same ol' Nintendo and their bullshit.
    This is a feature that's currently lacking in the current form of the Nintendo Online network. I can't even "communicate" with you even if you friended me (which by the way, I appreciate, and thank you for!)

    If I see a community feature in Switch next year, I'll see if I can do marketing there, but until then... I won't waste my time. As for your other suggestions, noted, and planned for next year.
  7. Hell of a negative attitude for someone who runs a Nintendo "fan" forum.

    And I'll agree that the direct didn't generate any discussions here. However, the other forum I'm part of was full of conversation and debate. Rather than shit on Nintendo because you have a dead forum you should try to be positive and work with the few lurkers you still have on your forum to generate some conversation.

    Just for the record, I wasn't looking to fight you. I simply disagreed with an opinion you made. Your response was to come back and shit on everything. But like everyone else online you choose to focus on the negatives and fuck any positives there might be.

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  8. I loved Nintendo, but this Nintendo right here? Is the same garbage company that's been doing policies that inspired a mass exodus of "I quit" during SNES's rise to popularity. I loved N64 so much, it was untapped in places. That's frustrating. I even wrote an article precisely about this. Here.
    I'm not sour on Nintendo because the forum "seems dead." It's just that the Direct didn't inspire me enough to write home here about it. I was expecting an announcement there, and the NWC, too... because in the past, they did that. Like I said, though, I'm not worried about the site right now. I'll figure out a new plan of action next year.

    I have three websites to worry about: Call of Duty (I own two websites relating to it), Destiny, and Battlefront. My end goal for the coming two months is to take over Christmas. Switch is going to do moderately this year because there just isn't much at the moment. Maybe next year.

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